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Elma Dry

Elma Dry


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  • from Elma Dry 120 suitable for the use of different basket sizes
  • simple and quick operation via a toggle switch with three positions: Off, warm air, cold air
  • drying temperature max. 70 °C
  • cooling temperature to room temperature
  • cover to save energy and to create an effective flow turbulence around the material to be dried
  • automatic safety shutdown if temperature is too high
  • dust filter (replaceable) prevents dust from the room air from re-contaminating the material to be dried (filter fineness 33ppi)
  • stainless steel housing, drip-proof
  • very gentle air flow for sensitive parts
  • Product contents: 1x Elma Dry 30, 120 or 300, 1x Cover, 1x Power cable with rubber connector (2 m length), 1x Operating manual

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