Cleaning chemistry for watches & jewellery

Cleaner pH (soln.) Dangerous goods Application Suitable materials Impurities Dosage for ultrasonic baths Adjustments for ultrasonic baths
EC 90
Neutral Polish & Soil Remover
8 No Jewellery and watch parts also made of sensitive materials such as aluminum and soft stones Metals (incl. aluminium and light metal alloys), coloured or lacquered surfaces, plastic, ceramic, glass and rubber, hard and soft stones

The cleaning of amorphous and soft stones (e.g. pearls, corals, amber etc.) is recommended in ultrasonic bath at frequencies ? 80kHz (e.g. Elmasonic P) or in immersion bath!
Fats/greases, oils, skin residues, sweat, dust, fingerprints, polish pastes and machining residues 2 % = 20 ml EC 90
+ 980 ml water

In case of strong soiling, increase the dosage to 4 %.
Temperature: 25 - 70 °C

Cleaning time: 2 - 15 min
EC 95
Polish & Soil Remover
10 Yes Jewellery and watch parts made of alkali-resistant materials Precious and non-ferrous metals and their alloys, stainless steel, costume jewellery, gemstones, hard stones

Not suitable for aluminium, zinc, light metal alloys and soft stones!
Particles, fats/greases, oils, skin residues, sweat, grinding, polishing and lapping residues, tenacious machining residues
Precious and non-ferrous metals are brightened.
2 % = 20 ml EC 95
+ 980 ml water

In case of strong soiling, increase the dosage to 4 %.
Temperature: 25 - 75 °C

Cleaning time: 2 - 5 min
Water-based Concentrate, Watch Movement Parts
10 No For aqueous cleaning of disassembled watches, clocks, watch movement parts and metallic precision parts in watch cleaning machines. Precious and nonferrous metals and their alloys, stainless steel

Not suitable for aluminium, zinc and light metal alloys!
Resinous oils

Brass and gold alloys are brightened.
10 % = 100 ml RED 1:9
+ 900 ml water
Temperature: room temperature

Cleaning time: 3 - 10 min