Cleaning chemistry for Industry

Cleaner pH (soln.) Dangerous goods Application Suitable materials Impurities Dosage for ultrasonic baths Adjustments for ultrasonic baths
Universal Alkaline
11 No Universally applicable e.g. for carburetors and injection nozzles, for overhaul cleaning of circuit boards, protecting masks, toner containers, etc. Stainless steel, steel*, iron*, gray cast iron*, aluminium & light metals, brass, non-ferrous & precious metals, nickel, zinc, plastics, ceramics, glass, quartz, rubber.

* For low-alloy, rust-sensitive metal alloys, add corrosion protection (Elma-KS, 0.1% in water) to the cleaning and rinsing bath as required.
Oils, greases, soot, combustion residues, cooling lubricant emulsions, lapping and polishing agents, dust, fingerprints 2 % = 20 ml A4
+ 980 ml water

In case of strong soiling, increase the dosage up to 5 %.
Cleaning temperature: 50 - 80 °C

Cleaning time: 3 - 5 min
Sensitive Neutral
7 No For gentle cleaning of sensitive assemblies and plastics Metals (including aluminium and light metal alloys), glass, ceramic, plastics, rubber and sealing materials (elastomers)
Please test the resistance of magnesium alloys before application!
Oils, greases, polishing, lapping and grinding materials, fingerprints and dust 5 % = 50 ml N1
+ 950 ml water
Cleaning temperature: 50 - 80 °C

Cleaning time: 1 - 5 min
Metal passivation & Deoxidising
Gentle Acidic
3 No For descaling and derusting, for citric acid passivation of chrome-alloyed steels as well as for brightening and restauration of non-ferrous metals Stainless steel, non-ferrous metals such as brass, aluminum and light metals, plastics and glass. For passivation of chrome-alloyed steels

Not suitable for magnesium alloys, zinc.
Lime, rust, oxide layers, mineral oils and fats
Brass and copper alloys are brightened.
Ultrasonic cleaning: 1 % = 10 ml S1
+ 990 ml water
up to 5 % possible.

Passivation: 10 % = 100 ml S1
+ 900 ml water
up to 20 % possible.
Temperature: 30 - 80 °C

Cleaning time: ~2 min

Passivation time: 10 - 30 min