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EC 60

EC 60


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EC 60 is a liquid acidic cleaning concentrate for ultrasonic and immersion cleaning. Suitable for acidic thorough cleaning of medical instruments, implants, prostheses, workpieces made of stainless-steel, metal, ceramic, glass and plastics. Also suitable for removing of acid-soluble cements. Especially deposits from unaccessible edges and joints are removed using ultrasound. Also suitable for laboratory equipment.

If rust is noticed on instruments, please separate these instruments from all other instruments and clean immediately. This avoids contamination of other instruments. Grey or brown deposits of disinfectants, rusty spots as well as dark or brown spots of blood residues on instruments after autoclaving are removed by EC 60. We recommend to clean medical instruments generally every 6 months using EC 60.

Removes metal oxides and mineral deposits like lime, rust, tarnished spots and other deposits, mineral oils and fats/ greases.

Not suitable for light metals. Risk of tarnishing when used for different metals in the same bath.
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