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A25 (ELC A25) is a liquid, strongly alkaline, foam-inhibited cleaning concentrate for ultrasonic, immersion and splash cleaning of alkali-resistant parts and medical devices such as medical and laboratory instruments, implants etc. made of metal (including titanium), glass, ceramic and plastic.

elma lab clean A25 (ELC A25) removes markings, labels, greases from ground-glass joints, resinified & tarry residues, lime soap deposits (and prevents from its redeposition), blood, saliva, protein-, bone- & tissue-residues, fats/greases, oils, polishing & grinding residues, fingerprints & dust. For strong/thick tarry residues the alkalinity of the cleaning solution may be amplified by the addition of potassium hydroxide or sodium hydroxide or use the ultrasonic cleaner A26.

Not suitable for aluminium, magnesium, alloys of light metals and alkali-sensitive glass. Risk of tarnishing (dark discoloration) when used for nonferrous heavy metals (copper, brass and other copper alloys). The compatibility of the parts to be cleaned with elma lab clean A25 (ELC A25) must be checked before use.
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